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Today’s Word With Joel & Victoria Osteen – New Times and Seasons

on June 17, 2016


“He changes times and seasons…”
Daniel 2:21, NIV


God is always looking to take us to higher levels. He wants us to grow and increase in every area. Change is a catalyst for growth in our lives, and it keeps us from getting stuck in a rut. To help keep us on our path toward our destiny, God will supernaturally open and close doors of opportunity. He will “stir us” out of comfortable situations and stretch us because He loves us too much to allow us to live in mediocrity.

Do you know how an eaglet learns to fly? That mother eagle will take her eaglet to the very highest point—way out of its comfort zone—and then she just releases it. As the eaglet falls, the mother swoops down and picks it back up again. She does this over and over until the eaglet spreads its wings and soars through the air.

That’s what God wants for you today. He wants you to soar in life! You might feel like that eaglet learning to fly, but know that God is right there with you. He is bringing you new times and seasons so that you will rise higher and embrace the very best He has in store for you.


“Dear God, today I open my heart and mind to receive all that You have for me. I trust that You are with me directing my every step. I embrace the seasons of change and thank You for helping me grow and increase in every area in Jesus’ name. Amen.


12 responses to “Today’s Word With Joel & Victoria Osteen – New Times and Seasons

  1. Ohene Siaw Emmanuel says:


  2. Emmanuel says:

    I got it,thats just my word for today.I have experienced a great change in a short while and so grateful to God.

  3. Adu Fred says:

    God bless pastor. I am always touched with the word.

  4. Mark says:

    Today I receive this word that was put forth from God’s wisdom,as the word stated if we don’t except change or be ready for it we will stay in life’s Rut of mediocre and I know that there isn’t one thing of mediocre about the God we serve or the God we call upon everyday so Brothers and sisters let’s be what God has destine us to be from the foundations of his Creation Kings and Queens for his Glory!

  5. Obichukwu Okafor says:


  6. Abraham Koomson says:

    Please play for my work

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